Sweet Ginger (Homemade)

This is truly one of my 
favorite secret ingredients!


Update: 6/1/17: the original yield included whole slices and syrup before I used an immersion blender years ago. I made a new batch yesterday and will be updating this today.

Although spring is when ginger roots are most tender, I wanted to get some Homemade Sweet Ginger made. Yet, since I puree it now anyway, I doubt it makes as much difference as would have done if the recipe were left within slices, as it had been originally written.

You'll LOVE It!

Homemade Sweet Ginger refrigerates up to 1 year!
Making minced/puréed sweet ginger
is fairly simple to do and incredibly delicious! 
I truly love the hint of sweet ginger, and I'm almost certain YOU WILL TOO!

Storage: This wonderful ginger keep for fairly long in the fridge!
~The original recipe conservatively says: "Use within 1 year".
~My first 2-pints lasted just beautifully, just under 2 years!!!
~Last of the second batch eventually spoiled about year mark (tossed it).

Suggested Equipment
~Sharp knife, mandolin, or food processor slicing blade
~Large heavy saucepan or pot

~Candy thermometer
~2 (pint) sterilized canning jars, wide-mouth (lids & rings)

Adapted by Sharon Anne

1 1/2 half-pints Ginger Syrup
2 half-pints Ginger Syrup

Simple Syrup:
1 cup granulated sugar (or Whey Low Sweetener)
1 cup water

Preparing Ginger:
1/2 lb fresh ginger, peeled & sliced 1/8-inch thick
4 cups fresh water, divided
Pinch of table salt

Simple Syrup: In a 2-qt saucepan, stir sugar (or sweetener) into the water, over HIGH heat. Stir frequently until sugar (or sweetener) dissolves completely.

Preparing Ginger: In a 2-qt saucepan, over HIGH heat, combine the ginger with HALF the fresh water; bring to a boil, then reduce to MEDIUM and simmer for ten minutes. Drain and set aside. Repeat with remaining fresh water; bring to a boil and reduce to simmer for 10 minutes. Drain. (I the freeze the 2nd half in ice cubes for other uses.) Add back in the initially reserved ginger water. Stir in the simple syrup and a pinch of salt. 

Candy Thermometer: Boil until the syrup reaches 225°F for sugar (207°F Whey Low). Remove pan from heat. Cover and steep for several hours, just until almost cooled.

Minced / Puréed: I recommend using a food processor to mince the sweet ginger, or you could let your Homemade Sweet Ginger remain sliced. 

Store: Cover with 2-part lids and rings. Label and date. This wonderful sweet ginger keeps for fairly long in the fridge, the original recipe conservatively says: "Use within 1-year". 

Recipe Uses:

Uses: I use 1-tsp HOMEMADE SWEET GINGER (1:1) most recipes that call for fresh ginger, and LOVE to substitute 1-tsp in recipes that call for 1/8-tsp ground ginger. Especially Homemade SALAD DRESSINGS & MARINADES!

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Left-Over Syrup: The lovely, sweet gingery syrup can be used to flavor beverages, desserts, fruit fillings and salad dressings, or ginger tea.

Original Recipe Credit: Candied Ginger, by David Lebovitz
Candied Ginger: Reheat syrupy ginger slices, so the syrup drains off more easily back into the jar. Shake off any excess. Spread slices over a cooling rack to dry at least overnight, some slices may take longer. Once relatively dry, dip slices in extra granulated sugar. Allow crystallized ginger to dry completely before storing in a zip-type bag. Use crystallized ginger within a month; delicious, added to batters, bread, cookies, and pastries.

Photo Credit: Foodnetwork.com (Alton Brown)

Sharon Anne

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