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Whey Low Products: I (personally) LOVE

I've been enjoying Whey Low products (since 2008). I love how easy they are to use CUP for CUP (no recipes conversions) with the exact same flavors. 

I've broken my sugar habit... I truly no longer have sugar cravings. ZERO!

It may be because the forbidden element has now been eliminated. 

Now I don't EXPERIENCE the muscle and joint pain with Whey Low that I had with regular sugar, aka: sucrose (which contributes to severe inflammation). 

Whoo Hoo! I can enjoy a treat here and there... now without paying for it afterward!

Best Of All! My recipes still taste very much the SAME!

Whey Low D (granulated sugar)
Whey Low Type D is safe for diabetics but always consult with your doctor or dietitian. It is the only sugar substitute recommended by the South Beach Diet.

I don't have diabetes; I have Rheumatoid Arthritis RA, which causes painful inflammation and joint damage.

Whey Low D has no sucrose - just Lactose and Fructose

Whey Low for Ice Cream (all-purpose) for Cooking
For Recipes: 

Update: I've  primarily NOW switched to Whey Low for Ice Cream (dairy) 

because it dissolves FASTER & BETTER than Whey Low D does.

I still use and SPRINKLE Whey Low D as my normal "table sugar".

Whey Low Powder & Gold - powdered sugar and brown sugar

You can PROCESS several cups of Whey Low D (or Whey Low for Ice Cream) in a food processor for fine POWDERED SUGAR.

Or buy their Whey Low Powder. 

I really do love their Whey Low Gold. Alternately, you can PROCESS 1-Tbsp molasses with Whey Low for Ice Cream to make a substitute BROWN SUGAR, albeit not near as good.

I buy direct from the manufacture's website: http://wheylow.com

In Short: (My Experience)

Decorating Pumpkin Pies
Folks, I just love Whey Low D and I don't use plain granulated sugar (aka: sucrose) in my recipes anymore now. In fact, I've made several fruit pies (and even since) pumpkin pies... with the exact same recipes (side by side)... (1:1 plain granulated sugar - to - Whey Low D). Many of my friends and family have eaten both sorts in a blind side-by-side tasting tests.

Amazingly several noted, after tasting the (granulated sugar pie) FIRST, they have said one tasted more "artificial". Whereas the (Whey Low D-made-pie) without knowing it was, they described it as tasting more like real fruit, and "not artificial!" Makes sense, Whey Low D is strictly made from a terrific proprietary blend of lactose and fructose (no sucrose).

Sucrose, table sugar, always causes MAJOR inflammation in my muscles and joints, as I suffer from Rheumatoid arthritis (autoimmune disease). Whey Low D is simply a gift from heaven for me, and I tolerate it very well in small doses. Plus, I've personally tested WLD... over and over... with so many recipes; most everything has always come out with extremely quite impressive results.

In May of 2011, I was contacted by the weekly Woman's World Magazine, we talked about my COOKING BLOG and my love in using Whey Low® Products. I was QUOTED in their August 2011 issue.

Quote: It measures cup/for/cup with sugar. "I did a blind tasting test last Thanksgiving," recalls recipe developer Sharon Anne Hill, sharonanne.com "Everyone said the pumpkin pie with Whey Low tasted better than the sugar one!"

How I Have Used Whey Low® Products

All Whey Low® products measure one-to-one (1:1) just like their counterparts. They each have the same sweetness level too. What I find extraordinary is that Whey Low® products have the same functional properties as do the others too! (i.e. Take browning or even melting - for one thing; blending for another).

I have personally found Whey Low® can be easily incorporated, and works exceptionally well within many types of cooking.

As for flavor - the products seem to work are exactly the same, as their normal counterparts, requiring little to no change to amounts.

It's important to monitor your browning while baking, particularly with the Whey Low® Type D product. This can be greatly simplified by lowering the baking temperature by 10ºF, and then always checking the progress within the shortest bake time.

I've make yummy fruit pies (in place of granulated sugar) with zero aftertaste and no ill-effects, Yay!

I make my own salad dressings and vinaigrettes place of granulated table sugar.

I now regularly make homemade yogurt with the Whey Low® for Ice Cream for a smooth and creamy mouth-feel. Plus I've made a bit of homemade cheesecake ice cream, which I've not been able to do for years.

How Whey Low® Granular Works 

The natural sugars in Whey Low® work in the small intestine to inhibit the normal rate of absorption of each other, and of any dietary starch, into the bloodstream.

Fructose inhibits the absorption of lactose and sucrose while lactose inhibits the absorption of sucrose and dietary starch. Fructose is not fully absorbed in most people. The unabsorbed, common carbohydrates pass into the large intestine where they are rapidly utilized by the indigenous bacteria. The net effects of limited absorption in a person’s small intestine are that a) calories and carbohydrates are less available while b) normal increase of blood sugar level from a meal is modulated and c) lactose for selective growth of beneficial bacteria passes into the large intestine.

Gastrointestinal problems, so common with the use of sugar alcohols or polyols, are not observed.

Another Blogger:
Eating Well Living Thin, this blogger also loves Whey Low too, she primarily uses original  Whey Low Granular. Whereas, I now use Whey Low for Ice Cream in most my recipes and Whey Low D for table sugar.


Sharon Anne

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