You Deserve the Best... Sugar Substitute! (Whey Low)

In the Woman's World Magazine Article 
(Dated 8-29-11, page 41)

You Deserve the Best... 
Sugar Substitute!

I was asked to give to give a 
QUOTE about 
Whey Low Type D Granular

My Quote: It measures, cup for cup, for sugar. "I did a blind tasting test last Thanksgiving," recalls recipe developer Sharon Anne Hill, "Everyone said the pumpkin pie with Whey Low tasted better than the sugar one!"
Here's a little background from last May and June.

I emailed her back, YES! I love using Whey Low Products, and (how) I use each on a regular basis.

She called me for the interview, explaining the  August article would be a comparison feature, and would include a few a few quotes of our interview, although we spoke for much longer.

I had a great time sharing the of the MANY ways I use the various Whey Low Products, and how well they work (and often) even better than table sugar does - particularly fruit, custard and cream pies!

So I'm officially been quoted in a National Magazine! print! That's just too cool for my brain process!

I'd love to hear from Woman's World Magazine, for permission on more ways of how I use Whey Low again. 

All Sweetness and Light,
Sharon Anne

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