Whey Low D (What is the advantage?)

--- Juanita Reid wrote to me:

I have been considering using Whey Low rather than regular sugar since my daughter and I could stand to loose some weight. I have been reading about this product and there is a lot of negative press about it not making any difference in weight loss nor it being good for diabetics.

The cost is also a big factor in purchasing Whey Low ($14.71 for a pound shipped whereas I can buy sugar for about $0.50 per pound in most any grocery store locally.)

For those of you who use this expensive version of sugar,
what is the advantage?

My "Soap Box" answer about price fixing for regular sugar(s) being so low!

"Let it suffice, for me, 'regular sugars' are no less than drugs and [IMHO] supplied cheaply by sugar "drug" cartels solely for the purpose of sustaining human addiction, sorrow and ultimately death."

Now on that happy note... LOL!

I can only talk about the BENEFITS of using Whey Low D from my own personal experience. Even though I post recipes with sugar (and WLD) I do so for fun! I get no monetary value from it.

I love Whey Low D and these are MY reasons...

1) The biggest reason: I WAS once addicted to sugar, I am now not!

I am HAPPY to say, I don't feel the literal CRAVINGS for sweets, using Whey Low sweeteners, as I would still from regular sugars.

2) Whey Low D does not cause physical pain for me, inflammation from arthritis in my joints. However, regular sugar is a KILLER for me.

3) The mere fact that I can now enjoy homemade sweets takes away the forbidden factor.

4) My hubby and 3 out 4 of my kids have a genetic form of diabetes (MODY - not I, not II). My brother has Type II diabetes.

We've tested Whey Low D over and over on them, it has NOT spiked their blood sugar levels just after they've ingested WLD in moderate amounts, (i.e. my jam and pie recipes) later or even the day after!

5) You can use it [1:1] meaning you don't have to adjust your recipes, i.e.: 1 cup Whey Low D measures and weighs exactly the same as 1 cup table sugar. Plus, since I don't eat as much sugar now, I rarely make recipes using more than 2 cups sugar. In fact, I often cut back with Whey Low D to boot, because I don't need things to be nearly as sweet now.


a) The fact that it IS so expensive is a motivator for me to use less and to make goodies less often.

b) However, when buying in bulk, 50 lbs of WLD is only about as expensive as honey is these days... I purchase in bulk and share the expense [with friends] so we can save big time and FREE shipping.

c) We also (each) get the Sampler Set, so we can afford the other [sorts]. It's also a great way to try different types. The only one I CAN'T tolerate well is Maple Sugar; I love the taste, but it still makes my joints hurt like regular sugar does.


a) My jam recipes have far fewer calories than regular jams because I only add 2 cups Whey Low D with Instant ClearJel thickener vs. 7 cups of sugar and using pectin, as in regular jam recipes.

Since my low "sugar-type" Whey Low soft set jams are mostly fruit, they double as a great topping for ice cream.

b) I bake cookies, banana bread and cinnamon rolls with it too, but not all the time.

c) I don't consider pies to be diet food either, although Whey Low D does have far fewer calories than regular sugar.

d) We can make homemade ice cream, with real ingredients, for Apple Pie [Ala-Mode-Style] and without suffering immediate discomfort (for me) or long term disaster (as in my family). NO ONE thinks they are on a diet enjoying some ice cream or a homemade shake, here & there.


1) The only way I know how to lose weight, is to eat less, consuming fewer calories. Even though the product has fewer calories, and you can make so many things with it, you must still use it sparingly. It's NOT a diet food, but it's BETTER than sugar!
2) Truth be told, you need to eat less in general to lose weight.
3) Exercise 3-5 times a week for 30-40 minutes at a time.
4) Note: Whey Low D is the ONLY SUGAR recommended by the South Beach Diet.
5) [Some] people [I know of] who've have gastric bypass surgery do handle Whey Low D without stomach distress.

Really, we can only lose the weight with our own efforts, eating MOSTLY vegetables, with protein, fruit and whole grains in a lesser amount, plus some dairy. See new healthy "MEAL PLATE" diagram (although I think the mystery meat is a cold slab of salmon, not quite sure, LOL!

Notice: There isn't any room for dessert on the "healthy plate" and no mention of oils or dietary fats of any kind. (Foods with both protein and fat -- like nuts and red meat -- fall into the protein category, and HOMEMADE whole-grain bread(s) could certainly contain good fats.)

Simple carbs: including Whey Low, white flour, white rice, etc can be incorporated with WHOLE grains too. As for desserts, cookies and candy, these stand within YOUR discretion; I consider sweets as OCCASIONAL "SPECIAL ITEMS", not for everyday meals or snacks.


A) Whey Low D [may only] help someone "maintain" their weight loss.
B) NEVER mistake any sugar or sugar substitute to do that for you.&

I do wish you all my best.

Sharon Anne