Razzleberry Pie, Made w/ Instant ClearJel®


I have so many favorite pie fillings but here's one of my best recipes! You can use fresh when they are in season, and frozen berries work equally as well.

I have wonderful neighbors, who have both blackberry and raspberry bushes. On occasion, I have swapped pies for berries with them and purchased the blueberries fresh in bulk at Sam's Club.

Sam's have sold these large bags of the frozen, tri-berry mix, and grocery stores do often sell it too.

Razzleberry Pie
Makes: 8-inch pie

1 cup granulated sugar

Or granulated Whey Low
1/3 cup Instant ClearJel® powder
1 1/4 cups water (10-oz)
4-oz blackberries, 
fresh or frozen (1 rounded cup)

4-oz blueberries, fresh or frozen (ditto)
4-oz raspberries, 
fresh or frozen (ditto)

1 Tbsp lemon juice

The Crust:
2 layer pie crust, prepared

Bring the water to a boil in a medium saucepan and stir in blackberries; remove from heat to cool.

In a bowl, thoroughly mix the sugar or Whey Low and ICJ together before adding to the cooled blackberries. Fold in the remaining berries and lemon juice. Set aside to cool.

The Crust: Prepare your favorite pastry crust to line an (8-inch) pie tin with. Spoon in the filling. Lightly moisten the crust edge with water; top with second crust and crimp to seal.

Refrigerate crust 30 minutes (before baking) improves the crust and helps reduce shrinkage.

To Freeze: At this point, you can freeze - seal in a twist-tied or zip-bag - up to 4 months

To Bake: Place chilled (or unthawed) pie in a 375°F oven, bake 60 minutes (90 minutes, if frozen).

Helpful Tip: You can know when the BOTTOM crust is done, by slightly shaking the pan's edge, the bottom crust should Shift Slightly once fully baked. If it doesn't, bake for 5 minutes more at a time until it does.

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And with ice cream on top...

Sharon Anne

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