It's My Party... And I'll Cry If I Want To!

 Happy Birthday Macie Anne!
Oh, my baby granddaughter was none too happy about her balloons, much less having a birthday picture taken.

However, her momma (my lovely daughter-in-law Melanie) persevered through it all and got this ADORABLE PIC!

Oh my goodness! 

Aren't those some huge, heart-breaking tears?

That's okay momma made her another special birthday cake on her actual birthday. No doubt, Baby Mae Mae was all smiles for this one and even and next years! Or maybe not...

Ahh, we have a pattern and a birthday trend here!

 ❤ One Tier for Her 1st Birthday

 Two Tiers  for her 2nd Birthday

Oh my, she cried HUGE TEARS again for her 2nd birthday pictures too.  Haha! 

Birthdays can be just so stressful when you're little.

Her momma, Melanie wanted things easier for her 3rd-year birthday and put a  favorite toy on top of her cake...

Mae Mae's 3rd Birthday Cake

True to form, Macie Anne was tired, in tears again for her 3rd birthday snapshot! Will the child smile next year? 
❤ Ha, Ha! 

I've gotta laugh, although she's a sensitive child, she's also a lot of fun and extremely loving.

Wearing cool shades in my Mustang convertible and having fun making Watermelon Strawberry Lemonade.

Melanie has made lots of theme cakes for her 3 boys:
All sorts of Super Hero cakes
Fully shaped Lighten McQueen cake
An intricate Angry Birds cake
Also an Erupting Volcano cake with dinosaurs! 

Even though most the above pics are simple snapshots, Melanie is also an accomplished professional photographer.


Sharon Anne