Friday, June 21, 2013

Sunshine Juice Beverage

My Favorite "non-dairy" smoothie!

Sunshine Juice: Allrecipes Molly's Profile

The original recipe listed FRESH orange slices, fresh raspberries, and fresh mint. However, as LOVELY as the original sounded, I needed to adapt it (to what I had on hand) which was:

...frozen orange concentrate 
some frozen raspberries,
and  a rather ripe banana...

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I had to choose from was 1 mellow yellow = perfect for eating a banana or 1 speckled banana with brown spots = perfect for BLENDING. (I chose the far riper, specked one... of course!) 

Oh, how I love this adapted recipe. Yes, YES!

It's really such a refreshing 
change from always those every day 
"Dairy-Type" yogurt smoothies I always have. 

I'll say it AGAIN, "it's so REFRESHING and such a WONDERFUL CHANGE!

"So thanks to Nic in the UK and for her original recipe!"

Sunshine Juice
My Favorite "non-dairy" smoothie
Makes: 2 cups

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Sunshine Juice: Allrecipes Molly's Profile

3 Tbsp OJ frozen juice concentrate, 
(my large cookie scoop = 3 Tbsp) 
1 cup frozen raspberries 
1 very ripe banana 
1 cup COLD water
Cool Whip
Fruit garnishes

Blend until smooth for 2 cups of beautiful RICH pink bliss. Top with non-dairy Cool Whip and garnish as desired.

Love it, 

Sharon Anne

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