Storing Lettuce...

Q.  Lisa asked, "How do YOU store lettuce?"

She also said she ends up wasting quite a bit because it goes bad (wilted) before she uses it all....

A. Yes to ALL THE above!

Lisa, thanks... I love Lisa's questions, which often inspire me to post ideas.

Here's what I like to do for storing lettuce:
  1. Buy loose leaf lettuce, i.e. Curly Leaf, but I particularly prefer Romain lettuce (as it lasts weeks longer).
  2. Gently separate off the whole leaves and then layer these into a salad spinner.
  3. Fill with COLD water, so the lettuce can drink up some! Ahhh....
  4. Drain and then cover to spin lettuce dry.
  5. Tear up ONLY what you want for lunch or dinner.
  6. Place a few inexpensive napkins, between many layers of remaining leaves, within one or two gallon zip bags.
  7. Curly Leaf lettuce lasts about a week, where as Romain can last up to weeks longer!
  8. This'll have fresher, crisper salads than the lettuce was originally!
Remember to tear up ONLY what you want for lunch or dinner.

Now here's a blog site that listed...

12 Creative, Simple and Easy Salad Recipes!

Image: Eating In

Chop one head of romaine or dark leaf lettuce. Slice 1/2 a cucumber and a few radishes, cut a red or green pepper into strips, throw in a few tomato slices and toss in chunks of your favorite cheese or plain nuts (a more eco-friendly choice). Top with the dressing of your choice. If you like, you can add slices of grilled chicken breast or boiled eggs that you have on hand. Leftover grass-fed steak pieces work great, too.
So Now Enjoy!

Sharon Anne

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