Sunday, January 27, 2013

Gluten Intolerance: Prior Identity... I was the BREAD QUEEN


Truly in ALL my circles, I was known as Sharon Anne

  • My becoming the BEST BREAD BAKER was an early goal, ever since I was 17-yrs old.
  • I've taught people how to make the very best bread, at times even at a professional level, and now for over 30 years!
  • I enjoy sharing many of my OWN special Bread Secrets and {those from others} I've learned along the way.
  • Plus the great KA mixing tips, from trial and error myself, I marvel at the number of daily hits these pages receive from Pinterest I recieve. It's really such a kick!

I can't tell you how much I love baking - and how much I love sharing this with YOU... I love the smell, look AND satisfaction a perfect loaf gives... fresh from of the oven.

UNFORTUNATELY I've also been disabled most of my adult life. They've ruled out MS [on and off] ever since I was twenty, but I still have unexplained nerve damage. I was finally diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis 12 years ago.

On my worse days... I would still bake bread; even if I could not cook a meal, having a fresh baked loaf... which like I said [early on] was my IDENTITY... after all it held my self-worth together, and that I was providing goodness for my family!

I had all my wheat pre-weighed in neat little baggies for quick grinding and my favorite recipes are neatly "in-grained" into my memory banks!

It'd take me just 5 minutes to dump my ingredients into my bread machine [simply by weight], since I rarely measured anything. Just press start the Dough Cycle... and let it rip.

Later, I'd shape my beautiful loaf by hand, let rise until double and bake it in the oven! Oh I believe, the smell of fresh baked bread can be described as intoxicating? It is for me!

Anyway... I've NEVER discussed my disabilities HERE before. because I've only wished to... SHARE MY ABILITIES! However... I've now since discovered that I suffer unbearably and severely from

WHAT???? How and Who????
Not The Bread Queen????

Yes! You see, after 38 years... all the wonderful FOOD I LOVE... has caused me unbelievably, serious painful inflammation all these years.

My immune system's response has attacked and ransacked my body, even though I'm on a biologic immune suppressant medication.

My love for foods with gluten is actually responsible for all this...


Unfortunately and ultimately... YES!

I now know this to be true for myself!

You see... I first took myself off of bread 2 summers ago.
It wasn't even on purpose! I just was too busy to bake bread from June - August.

It wasn't a conscious decision, except that I wasn't baking bread - I wasn't eating any bread either. This is because I detest store-bought bread, mostly because I refuse to pay $4.00 - 5.00... for what I can make for $1.00 or so.

I simply and completely went without eating bread for 3 months.

Happily, my pain levels {on the pain scale of 1-10} literally dropped from as high as 12-15 {you see... my pain actually had super powers!} but were reduced down to the levels of 6-8!

In the meantime... I also lost 15 lbs simply by eliminating breads, nothing else! Then I lost ANOTHER 15 lbs. AGAIN w/o dieting. Just no bread, zero sandwiches... nothing on a bun for nearly a year.

Don't get me wrong. I am not sharing some food fad here. Instead, I felt like ALICE in WONDERLAND, falling down a rabbit hole. 

I am only hoping TO be able SHARE WITH ANYONE who may have suffered or will suffer {as much as} I HAD. Note that I said (had). That was past tense!!!!

What I am saying, I AM finally seeing there is a LIGHT at the end of this long tunnel.


I've now lost a total of 40 lbs... I'm gone down from a size 14 - to a size 4 - now since May 2012.  (Hahaha... don't you hate how photos will put 10 lbs back on you though!)  Quite honestly, I feel better... and more like MYSELF than for a very long time! 

Update: April 2014 - I've EASILY maintained my weight loss of 40 lbs, with a diet of fresh fruit, veggies and protein. I do enjoy a variety of grains, just nothing that includes gluten.

I'm healthier and stronger - and I don't even feel deprived at all.  Instead I truly feel extremely blessed!
Hey I'm crutch FREE, and no wheelchair in sight; I'm wearing 3-inch heels!
I am literally pleading, "Please take the picture, before I topple over!!!" 

I modeled 10 of my mother's VINTAGE Dresses at 
{The Dress Barn} for my 60 friends & family last April.

My mother's (67-year old) Vintage dresses, hats, 
gloves and jewelry are still just like brand NEW!
Most Warmly,

Sharon Anne

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