Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Household GREEN STUFF Counter Spray

Although not food, I love, Love, LOVE this recipe!
I  truly figured out long ago, that I've literally saved the big, big 
Buck$$$ by making my very own homemade...

Counter Cleaner

I am seriously sensitive, if not even allergic to many cleaning chemicals... 
So instead... I've been making this well over 30 years! 

In fact... My kids have known no other spray cleaner within our home. I've been sharing the VERY RECIPE on my http://sharonanne.com WEBSITE - ever since 2002!

So now... ever since... many of my family - friends - and - READERS repeatedly REQUEST for the RECIPE and to USE it in their own homes now.

Counter Cleaner

Re: Printed Labels - Well up until just about a year ago - I WAS SADLY USING mailing labels and just a Sharpie pen.

That's  because [anything] printed with an InkJet printer {always bled and ran} - even if a little droplet of water or spray came in contact printed label. What a BUMMER; and such a waste! {Strike-out used as emphasis!}

Free Printable LaserJet {3 LABELS}

  1. Download the FREE Printable LaserJet {3 Labels} and print with a LaserJet printer.
  2. I give permission to [email] the Free file to an office supply store - to print on a LaserJet printer.

Cut out the 3 labels. Affix labels to (1) 1-gallon bottle and (2) 1-quart spray bottles. I like to use DOUBLE STICK tape to adhere labels onto the bottles, carefully sealing down the corners, as needed.

Counter Cleaner

Diluted: Fill half the bottle with the pre-made concentrate. Fill the remainder of the bottle with tap water. Cover and spray DILUTED onto counter tops to sanitize; no rinsing is not required.

Full-Strength: Fill the bottle full, spray the UNDILUTED concentrate. Wipe and rinse with a wet cloth. 

The Recipe:

Most Warmly,
Sharon Anne

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