Finally... My BIG Freezer Reveal

ANYWAY… one thing for sure... I've been working on, but mostly off... organizing my freezer.

My PROBLEM Freezer

Our deep freeze was given 2nd hand [probably sold to us?] over 32 years ago. Basically, it works almost as well as the day we inherited it.

However, one big problem REALLY has been...mostly the door's seal.

if you don't push hard on the freezer door - for a TIGHT SEAL - you can just FORGET IT… because within 24 hours - you've got dirty, rotten - no good - mess of FROST!

Do it often enough, you get the sort of ice
that took the Titanic DOWN in the Atlantic!


Worse… because it becomes so hard - getting things in and out - nobody but me… okay [including me] ever knows what's really lurking in the recesses of such an abyss. Bags of food were going to waste - from these "freeze-thaw" cycles, all due to that dang door!

I just couldn't take much more of such chaos!

After all these YEARS, believe it or not, I truly fixed my SEAL PROBLEM - simply by scrubbing the seal well with a Magic Eraser. Who knew!!! I love those things, I have brought so many old things back to looking new again, besides my freezer… i.e.: really old Tupperware, ice chests, my old dehydrator. You name it!


Better Homes & Gardens to the rescue, for which I [wished] on Pinterest, see my Organizing Board.

Beautiful and inspirational, with colorful baskets
...but experience cries out "IMPRACTICAL".

Whenever a plastic "frozen" container gets dropped, MORE OFTEN than not, IT WILL BREAK... now think what a full basket might do!

Next, I had to chip & hammer away all at that miserable frost!

YES... I should have asked for help [and NO… I didn't]. Of course, then I paid for it all that with my already messed-up arthritic body, worse -especially my shoulder.

--- I could only handle clearing one shelf at a time, so it literally took me weeks, MONTHS to complete my little adventure. ---

I incorporated several large laundry baskets - until I could give everything a more permanent home. I placed one below the shelf [I'd be working on] and another for the floor – catching loads of ice chunks.

Unfortunately, I couldn't carry ANY of the ice-filled baskets outside to dump. Holy Crap!

What to do… WHAT TO DO?

Fortunately, a little ingenuity popped into my mind… I turned my old wheelchair into a little dump truck!

More recently, I went on a hunt online - for some sturdy white wire freezer baskets - as none of my local searches prevailed.

However, I found some Grayline Deep Storage Wire Baskets, which I do really - REALLY - like on Amazon, and I've also uploaded my success on there!

The other day, I found some great PRINTABLE LABELS on BHG.

You just type in what you want your labels to say! Once printed, I had a friend laminate the printed sheets and I made these beautiful, perfectly straight and evenly cut tags - using my Fiskars Paper Trimmer.

I love my baskets, with their nice wipe-able finished labels. The laminating and electrical ties were a lot cheaper than "one-time-use" luggage tag holders, plus I have roughly 490 cable ties left – for other uses.

Finally... My BIG Freezer Reveal

Drum roll, PUHLEEZE!

I just love my clean freezer's wonderful new trans-


What else is amazing?

It is so nice knowing what's now in my freezer, where it is and how much there is!

It's actually not much less food, with the all that frost gone, I gained so much more room!!!! Surprisingly, I had to throw out even less than I [thought I'd] have to.

Plus it will cost less to run, simply because I scrubbed the seals clean with a simple Magic Eraser…

Now YOU KNOW too!

P.S. Family Dollar Brand "Erase & Clean" sponges work well too, for about half the price…

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