Storing Grapes

Question: "Does anyone else store their grapes in a colander on a plate in the fridge? I wash grapes as soon as I bring them home then stick 'em in a colander/strainer and then they're ready to grab for effortless (healthy) snacking." Rissa asks on the resourceful and also rather funny Crunchy Betty blog.

Answer: You bet, great minds think alike I have a lovely little ceramic colander bowl that's painted with grapes just for this! (P.S. I use it for cherries too.) Helps keep the "oh I forgot I bought grapes" which get all wrinkly and old.

Another Problem:
PICKED-OVER grape-stems on the remaining bunch really visually BUGS me. I think the stems dry out faster, thus the grapes wither faster too.

My Easy Solution:
To PREVENT this, is to snip the grapes into smaller clusters, using a pair of kitchen shears. The grapes remain fresher, because they get eaten in a more timely matter too!

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