Sunday, August 28, 2011

Magic Mill (stone grinder)

Mother's Day is great another reason to get a new mill. Actually any time is right, especially if you love wheat bread. By grinding your own whole grain flours, the mill pays for itself (in no time).

This brand by far is my favorite mill, and I've tested several grains in actually several brands of mills.

The Magic Mill Stone Grinder grinds the best flours hands down, They're no longer manufactured, but since they're extremely well made, check this great looking one out on Ebay! 

Left Loaf: Fresh Ground Flour / Right Loaf: King Arthur Whole Wheat

Even with the same amount of rising time for both loaves, the (left) fresh-ground flour loaf vs. (right) King Arthur brand whole wheat flour loaf. Wow, look at the difference!

Let me tell you, not only is there a significant difference in height, but wow, there's a also noticeably in the crumb texture too. The exact same recipe with fresh ground flour. It even tastes better than the King Arthur flour loaf too. Again, same
Nothing beats fresh ground flour for whole-grain breads.

Okay, you want my fabulous recipes, don't you now?


Buttermilk Wheat: Single Loaf, 2 sizes - Bread Machine or Stand Mixer
Buttermilk Wheat: Bosch Universal Mixer Recipe (4) 1.5 lb loaves
Enhanced Yeast MixAdd 2-Tablespoons Enhanced YEAST Mix (per 1 1/2 lb loaf)

Just s reference, from some time back...

These are coming out of the woodwork! Okay, there was a good looking mill on Ebay that was going for $275.00. It is so exciting seeing lovely mills available again.


Older Posts

a) I said the asking price of $395 was worth it, and the winning bid was $455 - oh my still brand new - WORTH every penny. Congrats! What a lucky winning bid.

b) Mill housing (cabinet) is slightly different than mine, yet motor and stones looked authentic "Magic Mill". I recommended $250 (was a real deal), and the winning bid was $178.50. Great going, tell us if YOU got this one!

c) There was another, but quite beat up and w/o a bottom door. It got sold! Who knows if it's the first owner, but the mill looked like it fell off the wagon train, or their Aunt Tilley beat the snot out of it! LOL!

Really, I'm just glad to get the word out, but don't you think these sellers should send me a commission? LOL!

Sharon Anne


  1. OH WOW! I love so many elements in all of them and have certainly been thinking of all good things. SO CUTE, thanks for the inspiration.

    Cooking Equipment

  2. Hi Sharon Anne,
    Ailene D. wrote me...

    "I BOUGHT IT! For $300. I had one of these a loong time ago. I loved it, It disappeared on one of our moves. (Ex military). Thanks for the heads up on it. You are great!"

    Ailene D.

  3. Can you use the old wooden magic mill from Utah to grind rice or beans to make flour too or are these items to hard for the machine?
    If you pound the rice or beans a bit with a hammer, would it help the mill?
    Thx Deb

  4. Yes & No. Yes, if you grind several mixed grains together WITH wheat OR grind a small of amount RICE or BEANS at your discretion, and then grind 1-2 cups of wheat immediately after to "clean" the stones. Otherwise NO, I would not recommend using the mill for grinding rice and/or beans into flour by themselves. I would recommend a newer impact mill, such as a Blentec Mill or a Nutri-Mill for this purpose. Do you already own a Magic Mill, or are you looking to get one? I have a marvelous mixed grain waffle recipe I could post soon, let me know and I get on it.


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