Thursday, June 30, 2011

A bucket of "FLOWERS" for my birthday... SURPRISE!

Even though my brother Brent [just as well] might be a better cook than I am, but the SECRET is that I'm the true SERIOUS BAKER in the family. However... what I really envy... is his wife's [Karrie's] green thumb, plus she's very talented and extremely clever too.

For my birthday... Karrie announced to me that she had a big "bucket of flowers" in the back of their SUV, so come and see! "SURPRISE!" They popped open the back... I was completely stunned, I'd not expected this... It was all so pretty!

Suddenly Karrie laughed and elbowed me, "Don't you get it silly?"...

"We brought you a "BUCKET OF FLOURS" for your birthday."

Oh my goodness, she was perfectly right! After all, what serious baker wouldn't love this!

They were JUST the sort of FLOURS I would truly LOVE.

See, I told you she is extremely clever!

Sharon Anne


  1. What a clever idea!! I may have to steal that one of these days.

  2. My Google account has not let me make comments on my Blog or any others - for months.

    Just in case, if it does the same to YOU... when it asks you to sign in, UNCHECK the [] stay signed in box!

    Then you can comment and edit if you need too.

  3. Happy Late Birthday !!
    And, I think your "Bucket of Flowers"
    is perfect !! Kathy Knepp

  4. great birthday present!! Happy Birthday!
    (thanks for the blogger tip, I've had problems, too!)

  5. I am glad to hear that someone did something so fun and creative to celebrate your brithday. My mom always toldme to choose friends who make me laugh -- sounds like your sister-in-law is a great friend and she could be my friend anytime because I chuckled over her clever gift of "flowers." I hope your special day was as special as you are. Lots of love, Tricia


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