Heart Shaped Bananas

Photo Credit: somethings hiding in here (g' morning) by Stephen

Here's a fast and fun idea to show someone you love them! 

Heart Shaped Bananas 

They were a hit at my house, I'm sure they will be at your too.

How To: As Stephen instructs, YOU make a notch down the entire banana, and carve a point on the other end. Slice over pancakes, ice cream... onto any of favorite treat!
Photo Credit: I made this for you, by Stephen
Even though I'm not a huge fan of over-ripe bananas, they are TRULY wonderful... carved into hearts and spread over pancakes or waffles!

I just thought this technique was so clever, I'm a "big fan" of this guy Stephen's photos, and I just wanted to give him an appreciative nod. Fun, huh?!

Related post: In fact, this my inspiration to create banana stars, yet with cooking cutters, instead carving the "little stinkers" out by hand :-). 
"Beautiful Old Glory"  No-Bake Cream Cheese Pie

Don't cha love it? 

Sharon Anne

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