Monday, February 21, 2011

Chicken Tendon Technique (video)

When we were young newlyweds, my next door neighbor was a caterer and taught cooking classes in her home. Oh, how I LOVED that! I could attend for free, by helping with her food prep. She called me her Sous Chef. I thought it meant her "chopper-upper". Actually, it means the "next chef" in line. The first thing I learned, I think, was how to remove tendons from a mess of chicken tenderloins.

If you don't know how to... just watch the video...

How to remove chicken tendons

Believe me, a thin boning blade really helps, not-to-mention, as does young-strong-fingers! I understand now, why it was perhaps "my first" lesson!

They (and we) moved away not long after, and lost touch, :-( However, she'll always be in my heart! Why, just the other evening, I prepped 5 lb chicken tenders before freezing most! I'm pleased to report, "On a good night, it's nice to see I've still got it." (even living with RA)!

It's nice to remember my best mentor from down south (Montgomery, Alabama way), with the best lil' old accent "ya'll ever-did-hear." In fact, if she could hear me now, she'd might "just piiitch-a-fiiittt!" LOL!

Sharon Anne

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